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We are so glad that you have found us. HomeschoolHQ is the first-of-its-kind app for homeschool resources. Whether you are a veteran homeschooler or homeschool-curious, we hope to provide you with a useful tool to make your homeschool journey successful and fun!

HomeschoolHQ was founded by two homeschooling families who are passionate about making homeschooling accessible to every family.

Lauren Bordeaux, a homeschooling mom of three young children, recognized that homeschooling families in her area often found classes and other resources by word of mouth. She spent too much time searching for activities and knew that there must be a better way to discover what was available in her area. Lauren realized that an app to connect parents with resources could help make homeschooling a reality for more families.

From this simple idea, Lauren and her husband, AndrĂ©, began building the revolutionary HomeschoolHQ app together with their friends, the Statons. 

Now just 2 years later you can download the app and join hundreds of other homeschooling families using HomeschoolHQ to improve their home education journeys. We are actively working on our second app update with even more useful tools. Download the app today and join the HomeschoolHQ revolution!

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