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HomeschoolHQ app is a user-populated homeschool resource database. We strive to connect the homeschool community with the services and resources needed for a successful homeschool journey.

HomeschoolHQ users can find and add co-ops, classes, clubs, sports, conventions, field-trips, discounts, and more!

It is our pledge to you, we will never sell
your information to a third party.
Search for the resource you need when you need it, no matter where you are.
Find details, save your favorites, and create your own events!
Our Unique Values

Why Choose HomeschoolHQ?



Prioritizing family needs and dynamics to enhance the homeschooling experience for every member.


Community Engagement

Fostering connections within a supportive community of homeschoolers for shared learning and growth.


Innovation in Homeschooling

Embracing technology and creative teaching methods to inspire a lifelong love for learning.


Innovative Solutions for Growth

Explore our comprehensive selection of services that cater to a variety of needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

HomeschoolHQ App

Easily share educational and extra
curricular resources with other
homeschooling families.

HomeschoolHQ App
Co-op Edition

Efficiently manage classes, assignments,
and communication within your
homeschool co-op.

Our Story

Founded by passionate homeschoolers, HomeschoolHQ was started with the vision to revolutionize homeschooling by providing a safe and secure platform for homeschoolers to share and find resources, trusted vendors and community collaboration. We’re excited for the next phase which includes a tailored Homeschool Co-op Edition of the app designed to meet the needs of Co-op administrators and teachers.

Proud Member of the Vela Founder Network

We are excited to be members of the VELA Founder Network. The VELA Founder Network is the nation’s leading community of entrepreneurs providing alternatives to conventional schooling.

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Start your homeschooling journey today and experience the power of building community, sharing resources and finding support with our community of homeschooling parents, co-ops and vendors.

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